Yamaha TR1 classic caferacer

For sale! €9500 euro and shipment world wide. Don’t hessitate she is gorgeous in every piece! info@motoadonis.com or +31-628963648

Gwen came to me after her partner got his BMW R1100S overhaulted (yes the one on pipeburn).

She said i got this inspiration of this video of Coco mademoiselle:

I want one but better surething and we went on with it.

We bought an original Richman frontunit, a Triumph bonneville gastank for the matching lines.

We placed a GSXR front fork on it with a nissin brake and placed a classic set of harley davidson rims with big shinko tyres. The rear got a huge diskbrake with a brembo brake!

We made a new rearframe and handmade the caferacerbut from metal. The seat has been made by miller seats and after we put all the pieces together we painted everything in black and porsche elfenbeinweiss!

We made a new stainless steel exhaust with a small muffler. We polished the welts away for a nice clean look.

The DNA filters are more direct, which means more air and if done right more powerrrrr

All the instruments were replaced with a motone buttons and moto gadget blinker relay. The speedo has been replaced for a Moto Gadget Tiny one. Which is integrated in to the Richman frontunit.

I was a lot of work to get it just right but i think we made ourselfs a masterpiece! Well if i’m allowed to say so myself.