Moto Adonis starts an own flat tracking team: Team MadFlat

Can you make a flat tracker from an old Honda Dominator? That is the challenge that was presented to custom motorcycle builder Moto Adonis by tool brand Dremel. Daan Borsje, owner of Moto Adonis, shows what he can do within four weeks. The result: a bike that wins all races.

Check here the making of

A flat tracker is a motorcycle without a front brake, intended to race as fast as possible over an oval gravel track. The challenge was to finish the bike before Flatlands Festival on 9 & 10 September 2017 so that Stefano Erba, the Italian rider of the bike, could go for the win at the Speedway Lelystad.

The first step in the process is stripping the Honda to make it as light as possible. That starts with the removal of all superfluous parts. Unnecessary brackets and frame parts are grounded away and smoothed. For racing we have placed a new USD front fork, a new HK rear spring and the mandatory 19inch wheels. Then a small tank is placed for weight saving and the frame is adjusted for a perfect riding position of rider. Subsequently number plates are placed with magic number 26.

A custom seat is placed with a grip surface to stay firmly on the bike and after everything is nicely sprayed in the house colors of Moto Adonis, the total electricity was moved to the front, so that everything is quickly and easily accessible.

Because Stefano would face strong competition during the race, we chose to manufacture a special performance exhaust in order to get the most out of the engine. (the exhaust is for sale via our webshop results are impressive. Stefano not only wins in his class at Flatlands Festival, he also took first place in the next races. And the motorcycle? Looks good doesn’t it. What do you think?

Flatlands 2017, We won!!

Vintage Racing Challange
We won!!