BMW R1100GS Scrambler

Yes here we are again:P and this time we produced a special BMW. Our customer, a rather tall tattoo artist named Bobeus came to us with the question of building something more for his length and comfort. He was riding a CB750 custom but it was time for something new!

The first bike that popped up in my mind was a BMW GS, yes it fits his enquiry but it also gave me the opportunity to build something totally different from you are used to by Moto Adonis.

Bobeus bought himself a nice BMW R1100GS from 1997 with low miles and we started on the design part. We wanted to make a real special frame for this one.

As always we really listen to the demands of the customer, therefore it is his money and his dreambike. Together with the tattoo-artist we designed the rearframe with all his curves, we made a new seatpan and a stylish electric box.

Miller upholstery made the new leather seat.

At the rear we put on a handmade  fender with Bates style rearlight and small blinkers.

At the front we replaced the duckface with a clean small fender and headlight. On top of the headlight came a foglight as bright as looking straight in the sun. And the headlight was hung up in new handmade lightbrackets with integrated blinkers. And the speedo/tacho meter was replaced for a nice small two in one Acewell meter

We decided to give the whole frame, frontfork and rims a Matt black powdercoating and the tank was painted in partly gloss and partly matt greyish/blueyish color.

The exhaust was renewed with a stainless steel muffler from shark and a part of the exhaust pipe aswell. After putting it all together we put on a set of Bridgestone Trail wings and a new cross handlebar with Biltwell grips this bike was ready for its test drive.

For this test drive we asked our friends from John doe motorsports to give us sum of their collection so we could test their lumberjack and black Kevlar jeans. We tested the gear in the cold Dutch weather where the jeans hold up pretty good! The Lumberjack needed a some underclothing but the moment we put it on it just felt good! The jeans are made of a stretch fabric with 100% dupont kevlar.

Bought the jeans and lumberjack fit right in the current scene. You want to look cool but also ride safe, and in my opinion John Doe just put those worlds together. We are looking for a way to collaborate as we speak. And if you haven’t seen it yet, photo’s my magician Mark Meisner