It all started this summer, a customer came to us with the desire to have a one off gentleman’s caferacer, made with high end parts and something to make the neighbour jealous.
His heart lies with the BMW boxer engine and he adored the spokewheels so that was an easy pick, a BMW R100R was the way to go. Not many have been sold with this combination of spokewheels, big fat mono swingarm and that huge gastank, and of course to top it off, it was purple!

As usual, we deleted all the unnecessary parts and started searching for the right parts.
Some parts are necessary for handling and some for the looks. We always start with a baseline, so we deleted the old front fork and bought a Suzuki S-rad upside down front fork, which after some modification fitted nicely, and after we anodised it in black we made it all work as new. We throw away the old 2 piston front brake and added a nice 3 piston modern Tokico frontbrake caliper. At the rear we let YSS Suspension made an ‘’one of’’ rear suspension, anodised in black and this beauty will drive like nothing else.
For the top of the front suspension we contacted Mr Scheffer from Scheffers Enginering, a good guy who is of course Dutch and lives in the bushbush of Norway, and he made us a beautiful plate with an integrated Moto Gadget Tiny Speedo in it.

After that is was ready for some lining. So we bought a CM400 gastank, handmade a caferacer bulb and lined it up for a tuff straight down look. We welded a new Monza gascover on it and smoothed things out. Then we asked our Alter-ego MAD-exhausts ( to deliver a handmade stainless steal 2 in 1 exhaust to fit underneath the handmade rearend.

After we asked Miller Upholstery to made us a handmade seat, this ride was ready for his paintjob.
The paintjob is inspired by the old R90S series, the wheels has been taken apart for a coated outer wheel, new stainless steel spokes and the heart of the wheels has been sandblasted and then painted with clear varnish.

The engine has been taken apart and rebuild for the reliability. And painted in 2 tone black, with a new carbon engine cover which holds the contact.
All the wiring has been replaced with motogadget and we added a Moto Gadget M-unit to make sure it all works for a decade. The front pinkers a Moto gadget aswell, and the rear are Risoma Club s blinker/rearlight combination.

After it was all assembled, we asked to put this bike on his turning table and shoot it with his Canon and it turned out great!
Check it out! Hope you like it.