The evolution of the scrambler, The BAJA 1100

RSM projects usually builds porsche customs and came to us to produce a unique scrambler which could really go off-road and he needed it to be BMW (personal favorit). As for driving and handling this has been our most successful project.

The idea behind our series custom bikes has always been building a perfectly handling bike, improve the performance and off course give it a new and modern look. Since the beginning of this project we have been constantly developing, refining and collecting new ideas on how we can improve the bike. The perfect handling BMW GS has been born!

The best part is that in the building process RSM projects (who own’s the very first MAD BAJA 1100) has been monitoring the project and made it possible to reproduce the bike.

Therefore this MAD BAJA 1100 can be yours starting from € 21.950,00 included new road regulation, rebuild engine, and tons of new parts.

The BAJA 1100 is built on the R1100GS or on the more modern and technically advanced BMW R1150GS. The rear Paralever swing arm and shaft drive are well engineered pieces on the BMW however the rear-suspesion was old and lost his power so we replaced it with a new YSS suspension. The front telelever system was a good idea from BMW however it got it limits if we look at sharp handling and off-road abilities. This complete front fork suspension weights a lot more than our MAD conversion, new WP front suspension combined with the brakes and the frame. This gives the bike a lot better handling during off-road or fast cornering sessions.

The Engine
The BMW R1100GS or R1150GS  comes with a completely rebuilt, refurbished and repainted 1085cc boxer with an additional oil circuit cooler.

The BAJA 1100 had to be different, lighter, faster and the riding position had to change from leanback/relax driving to an active riding position. This we succeed by the front fork conversion as mentioned before, but also by changing the gastank and the seat. The K100 Gastank has a solid 15 liter capacity so nothing less than the original gastank had.

The exhausts has been changed in a classic BMW R line from 45mm until behind the gearbox, which gives the cylinders a better flow than original, where the exhaust pipes come together and rise up until under the seat where they split in to 2 pieces of 51mm stainless steel and head to the duo replica Akrapovic mufflers. These Mufflers can variate to your liking or to the regulations per country. This exhausts system gives the bike more torq and horsepower in a much earlier RPM.

All the little bits and pieces like the lighting and controls, mufflers, paintjob and leather accents can variate to your liking. The elektrical system can be upgraded with a Moto Gadget M-unit Blue. This gives your bike the upgrade that you can start your bike by using a smartphone application, and you can choose all kind of lighting options, like wave function in your blinkers.


This MAD (moto adonis design) bike isn’t just an other custom build which leaves the Moto Adonis gallery, no this is besides a piece of art, a brand new motorcycle which can be used in so many different environments and where it can stand his ground!

The BAJA 1100 is now available for pre-ordering, and can be shipped all around the world. Get in touch via our contact form or send us an email: