BMW retrofuture

For all your lovers of style, design and vintage look and feel we have come up with a new product. We want to give you guys of girls a custom motorcycle made for your and designed by you and build by us.

This means we will build a custom motorcycle for you with your input. Wheater you like a Caferacer, Scrambler or a mix of these bike we can build you the perfect dream bike.

We don’t just restyle our custom bikes but we also re-engineer the way the old bike handles. We replace the front and rear suspension with modern components like an USD front fork , big diskbrakes with big brakecalipers and YSS rear suspension.

But we also replace all the old wiring for new wiring, replace all the electronic components for Moto Gadget Unit V2 Bluetooth. Which allows you to start your bike without a key and gives your bike Track and Trace and an alarmsystem connected to your phone.

To make the bike complete we also rebuild the engine and his components back to factory setting. In fact when the build is finished you will drive off with a new motorcycle.

You can choose your seat in mono, duo or Caferacer style. You can choose your lights to be classic, classic with LED lights or go Halo. The rear lights can be integrated in the seat or we can use LED rear blinker/light combination units. (Or if you prefer something else that’s negotiable as long as it’s a high quality product).

The blinkers at the front will be integrated in the handlebar for maximizing visibility

You can choose your style of pushbuttons on the handlebar, you can choose the color of you gastank, seat, fenders, lights, frame and even engine.

Cost and building time

And all of this only for € 19.500 incl. 21% VAT. Delivery world wide. Our building time start to finish is about 4 months.

How to place an order

You can send us an email on and we will send you a pdf  and than you can select what products you would like to add on your bike. To start your build, we start with a design, and therefore we ask 500 euro deposit which will be put in the project when it’s a go.

Before the bike goes to the paint shop we will send you pictures for a final checkup. When you agree we will take the bike apart and start the rebuild.

Questions? Don’t hesitate, there are no stupid ones.

Moto Adonis BMW R100R Caferacer Custom MotorMoto Adonis BMW R100R Caferacer Custom MotorMoto Adonis BMW R100R Caferacer Custom MotorMoto Adonis BMW R100R Caferacer Custom MotorMoto Adonis BMW R100R Caferacer Custom Motor