Make your engine as good as new!


In addition to designing your custom bike, it’s possible to restore your engine! That means that we remanufacture your engine completely and thereby, among other things, replace all the bad parts, smoothen your engine and thus ensure that it feels as if your motor hasn’t driven a single kilometer!

new versus old

We work with highly ranked companies in the area which a know for there skills and years of experience in repair, revision and tuning.

After the revision, your beloved motorcycle will feel like a factory bike.

Old engine?

Do you keep an old engine in your shed, which you haven’t gone to look at in a while? Do you own an engine, covered in dust, from which you think: that will sure as hell, never drive a mile again? We, Moto Adonis, can set your magnificent beast back on the road! Perished glory doesn’t exist at Moto Adonis!

Price will vary between €2000,00 and €3000,00.

Interested in the revision of your engine? Please contact us via or via 06-28 96 36 48!


Performance boost?

Would you like to hand your engine a performance boost, in addition to the revision? Read more on Performance